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Highlighted in Local News!

July 27, 2023

Our members were featured in a Local Newspaper highlighting accomplishments at Cadet Training Schools 2023! Be sure to check out the Article!!

Cadet Training School Graduation


June 25, 2023

Let’s all take a moment to congratulate some of the most recent members of Civil Air Patrol Armstrong County members, for successfully graduating in Encampments 2023.

Throughout this week, our members have endured new experiences, made life-long friends and learned skills and traits to be of better asset to our community!

We’d also like to thank all the cadets and senior staff at Pennsylvania Wing Cadet Training Schools 2023 who worked tirelessly over the past year to organize and equip this year to be a resounding success.

We’d also like to give a final shoutout to our very own Senior Member Sandy Kriley who took the time to volunteer and support Pennsylvania Wing Cadet Training Schools 2023.

See a photo we missed or do you have a photo of graduation? Send us a direct message on Facebook! NER-PA-125

Flight Simulator Fundraiser

We need your help!

We are raising funds to build a state of the art flight simulator for our aerospace program. Once complete, the simulator will not only have "regular" flight controls but also a radio simulator, switch panel, and separate avionics instrumentation. 



Yoke and Throttle Quadrant 1 $169.99 $169.99
Rudder Pedals with Toe Brake 1 $169.99 $169.99
Switch Controller 1 $99.99 $99.99
Radio Controller 1 $149.99 $149.99
LCD Multi-Instrument Controller 3 $169.99 $509.97
Wireless USB card 1 $100.00 $100.00

We have already secured a suitable computer through community donation. To complete the setup we now need to get the flight controls (Yoke, throttle, rudder, radio simulator and more) Once in place we will be able to simulate much of the controls of a Cessna 172, used by Civil Air Patrol.

This is where you can help! Please consider donating to this cause. To make it easy we have set up a Facebook donations page.



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