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PAWG sUAS Academy


Session 1 - Saturday June 11, 2022

Session 2 - Saturday TBD, 2022


Training is in-person sessions, hosted by Armstrong Composite Squadron 125, at Lenape Technical School in Ford City, PA. Participants must have the prerequisites listed below to attend.

Prerequisites (as listed in the sUAS Task Guide and SQTR)

  • Commander Approval
  • GES, ICUT, CAPT 117
  • Aircrew Professionalism Course
  • Familiarity with the sUAS Task Guide (see link below)
    (You must download and study the Task Guide prior to the course!)

Recommended (not required for participation:

IS100, IS200, IS5.A, IS700, IS800
(Self-Paced Learning)



Session 1

  • Discuss UAS Technician Duties and Responsibilities
  • Discuss UAS Mission Pilot Duties and Responsibilities
  • Demonstrate Aircraft & Ground Team Coordination
  • Discuss Crew Resource Management
  • Demonstrate Techniques to Reduce Fatigue
  • Demonstrate the ability to keep a log
  • Enter Data into CAP Forms
  • Locate a point on a map using Latitude and Longitude
  • Locate a point on a map using the CAP Grid System
  • Demonstrate Use of Sectional Charts
  • Plan and Command a CAP UAS Flight
  • Discuss Kp Index, RFI and EMI affects and mitigation techniques on UAS operations
  • Transfer Images to and View Images on a Computer
  • Discuss CAP Image / Graphic Requirements and Image & Orthomosaic Processing Software
  • Prepare an Orthomosaic Image utilizing Orthomosaic Image Processing Software
  • Discuss Consideration variables to Imagine Composition and Compose an Image

Session 2

  • Identify Visual Clues and Wreckage Patterns from FPV and Orthomosaic Imagery
  • Identify what to Look for and Record during Damage Assessment Missions from FPV and Orthomosaic Imagery
  • Discuss General UAS Related Safety & ORM Requirements and Issues
  • Discuss UAS Security Concerns and Procedures
  • Discuss CAP Liability Coverage and Mishap Reporting
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the risk and risk mitigation associated with flying UAS aircraft
  • Discuss Type of Flights Performed by CAP UAS Aircrews
  • Demonstrate Preparation for a Trip to a Remote Mission Bases
  • Discuss how Atmospheric and Lighting Conditions Effect Visual Search Effectiveness
  • Participate in Planning a CAP UAS Flight
  • Demonstrate Planning and Flying an Expanding Square Search
  • Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Parallel Track Search
  • Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Creeping Line Search
  • Demonstrate Planning and Flying a Point Based Search
  • Demonstrate how to complete a CAP sUAS system calibrations and aircraft pre and post-flight inspection


SQTRs and Task Guides

    - sUAS Mission Pilot SQTR (UASMP)

    - sUAS Technician SQTR (UAST)

    - sUAS Task Guide

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