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sUAS Image Broadcast

This article demonstrates how to easily and affordably broadcast a live image from an in-air UAV, to virtually anywhere.



Using a small inexpensive video capture box, the HDMI signal between the sUAS controller and a secondary monitor is captured. A standard USB output on the capture box is then connected to a computer, where it is essentially being recognized as a secondary web camera. As a web camera, this signal can be used in any web conference client, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and others.

Equipment used:

  • MiraBox Capture, connected to laptop using USB (available online at $35)
  • 25' HDMI cable (connected from UAV image source to MiraBox
  • 3' HDMI cable (connected to an optional monitor)

Below are some images illustrating the setup:



HDMI cable connected to the DJI CrystalSky controller (and sUAS with an HDMI out port will work)


MiraBox capture box



Secondary (optional) connected to MiraBox HDMI out/passthrough


Laptop detail

Used to control image broadcast


Remote camera settings 

MiraBox image report to Windows, or Mac, as web camera and can be used in any video conference system. In this case, Microsoft Teams


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