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sUAS Resources

This page contains some resources you can use while studying for your CAP Mission Pilot and Mission Technician. Use these resources in addition to your CAP/AMA study guides and online coursework.

Additional important resources can be found on the 
CAP sUAS Website.



FAA Part 107


FEMA Certifications

The FEMA ICS requirement pertains to both Mission Pilot as well as Mission Technician

You must first obtain a FEMA SID in order to get certified!
Notice: Independent Study Exams require a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. If you do not yet have a SID, register for one today:


Required FEMA ICS certifications



SQTR download

Task Manual 

Recommended areas of study

UASMP - sUAS Mission Pilot



UAST - sUAS Mission Technician


Study guide MT

NOTICE: Changes may occur without notice as these SQTR's are still under development!


Evaluation and logs

AGL-MOCA Calculator

A simple calculator in Microsoft Excel to help you calculate AGL loss over terrain. The calculator will also show you what AGL to maintain to avoid MOCA, as well as ideal operational altitude over terrain.

Download (requires Microsoft Excel or similar to run)

Image Resize and much more

One issue with capturing imagery in the field is that images usually turn out to be very large. At the same time upload times depend on what internet speeds are available. 

A quick way to resize images is to use Microsoft's PowerToys for Windows 10.. 

Two tools that you may find handy is Image Resize and Power Rename. The latter will allow you to quickly rename a large number of files. You would, for example, name them after WIMRS mission number, location, or any other name. 

Recommended software knowledge



Google Earth Pro - PC/MAC desktop version


CalTopo -


Microsoft ICE - Image Composite Editor


SkyVector - Site for sectional charts -


1-800-WXBrief - Weather Briefings -


DroneDeploy - App/website for mobile


Pix4D - App/website for mobile


Litchi - App/website for mobile


Adobe Photoshop CC


KittyHawk - App for mobile


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