NER-PA-125 Armstrong
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In an effort to administrate sUAS and ES operations more efficiently while in the field our standard CAP van was slightly modified. All changes are easily reversible, in fact, it takes only minutes to convert it back to the original state.

Simply put; we built a small table and two simple seats that also double for storage compartments. The table is attached to the van's back seat floor rails with a custom-made metal bracket. By simply unscrewing a wingnut the entire table and all added equipment, can be taken out in one operation. 

The setup consists of the following equipment:

  • L=4', W=2' H=2' custom made table (see image detail below)
  • Micro PC computer
  • Raspberry Pi computer (part of squadron STEM project)
  • 2 x 1920x1080 monitors
  • Adjustable dual monitor stand
  • Inkjet printer
  • Mobile VHF Radio w. extra antenna
  • 2300W Power Inverter
  • Foldable table
  • 10'x10' foldable gazebo

Utilizing this setup we can efficiently work with computers, UAVs, and forms in the field, no matter the weather situation. This is especially useful when doing mission planning, sUAS image manipulation as well as communications and administration.

During sUAS operations one of the monitors can be used to receive telemetry and live video feed from an airborne sUAS, dramatically increasing the versatility and accuracy during these operations.


sUAS Command Van Setup


Computer workspace


Desk detail


VHF Radio detail


Table detail


Monitor back detail


Table fastener detail


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